The Urgueira Estate offers leisure experiences in the area of olive tourism while promoting the region’s culture and traditions.

This project has a large area reserved for contact with the local plants and animals, and has a reservoir close to the residential complex.

Visitors can enjoy open-air activities, including hunting and fishing, in the area surrounding the estate. They can also enjoy a unique experience, where nature takes pride of place.


Themed Area

A journey through the history of olive growing.

Seven themed apartments representing the different phases in the cultivation of olives.

“PODA” (one-bed) – cleaning the olive trees
“OLIVA” (two-bed) – olive tree in bloom
“PANAL” (one-bed) – harvesting the olives
“JOEIRA” (two-bed) – separating the olives from the leaves
“TULHA” (one-bed) – taking the olives to the press and storage
“LAGAR” (two-bed plus one) – pressing the olives
“COIRO” (three-bed) – bottling and sale, or collecting for own consumption.

It also has a small breakfast room and an oven that is used by the restaurant to prepare some traditional dishes.


Regional Area

A homage to origins

Consisting of a suite and four rooms, this area, which is more generically decorated, tells a story.



Gastronomic Area

History and olive oil at the table.

Consisting of a restaurant, event room, swimming pool and panoramic terrace.


Business Area

Pleasure and business: a versatile space

On the first floor there is a meeting and conference room with space for 50 people, while below there is a lounge area for smaller events that opens to a deck from where a boat departs on trips around the reservoir.


Tradition Area

The beginning of a route.

Here you can see an olive press brought from a village close to the estate. It can stiil be used to make olive oil the traditional way.